What Is Etsy SEO?

Etsy SEO is the process of adding keywords that customers are searching for on Etsy to your product descriptions, product titles and product tags. By using the same keywords in these areas of your Etsy product listings you increase the chances of your products being found, which increase your chances of making a sale.

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Introduction To Etsy SEO

SEO on Etsy allows your products to rank within Etsy search engines so that your products can appear in front of people who are specifically looking for the products that you are selling.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is the process of adding the same words or phrases that customers would use in the Etsy search bar into your products titles product descriptions and Etsy tags.

SEO is understanding the customers intent and optimising your products so that they appear in front of customers who are specifically looking to purchase the type of product that you are selling on your Etsy store.


What are Etsy SEO keywords?

Keywords are just the phrases or words the customers type into the Etsy search bar to find products.

So for instance to come across this blog article you probably typed into Google search bar "what is Etsy SEO" and this blog article appeared. 

That is because I have optimised this blog to reach people who have been looking for answers to what Etsy SEO is. 

The customer will do the exact same on at sea when searching for a product they want to purchase.

Lets say a customer is searching for a 2024 digital planner on Etsy. The types of keywords that they could search for in the Etsy search bar could be

  • Digital Planner
  • Digital Planner For iPad
  • PDF Digital Planner
  • 2024 Digital Planner

These are all examples of the types of keywords that somebody could type into the search bar to find a 2024 digital planner. 

If you are store who sells digital planners that it is important to do with keyword research on a platform like eRank or Everbee find the keywords that people are searching for when they are looking for the types of products that you are selling.


Why are keywords so important for Etsy SEO?

Keywords are important for Etsy SEO because it is vital to use the same keywords that are customers using within your product title, product description and product tags. 

If you are using keywords in your product title, project description and product tags that people are just not searching for then your product will not appear in front of people on Etsy. This means that your product will remain unfound and you will not make sales.

This is seen within fashion brands a lot of fashion brands will call their products something like the "Jackie Jeans" normally because they think it's fun and a great way to make their product stand out. 

However the fact is no customer on Etsy or Google is searching for "Jackie Jeans" because this is not something that a normal everyday customer would even think of searching for. 

Instead what a customer is going to search for on Google or Etsy are terms like

  • blue denim jeans
  • black denim jeans
  • skinny leg jeans
  • wide leg jeans
  • high waisted jeans
  • jeans with an elastic waistband

Because a customer will always search with an intent. Meaning that a customers search will always be solution focused. 

An example of a solution focused Etsy search:

What is a solution focused search: A customer is experiencing a problem in their day-to-day life and they want to have a solution to that problem. Therefore they go to Etsy and search for a solution for the problem that they are currently having.

Here is an example of a solution based search of a customer who wants to purchase a pair of jeans:

1. A customer has ripped their favourite pair of blue denim jeans

2. They have an occasion coming up and they need a new pair of jeans asap. 

3. They have been looking on Pinterest for outfit inspiration and have now decided they want to buy a high waisted pair of blue denim jeans. 

4. They go to Google or Etsy and search for "high waisted blue denim jeans"

5. The businesses who have optimised their product listings to target the search term "blue high waisted jeans" will now appear at the top of the search results. 

6. The customer browses through the listings at the top of the page first. 

7. The customer finds a pair of jeans they love and make a purchase. 

How do I find SEO keywords related to my products on Etsy?

To find keywords that relate to your products then you should use a third-party tool like eRank or Everbee to research the keywords that customers are searching for on Etsy. 

Here is my process of finding keywords which relate to my products on Etsy:

Step 1: Type in a broad word or phrase that relates to your product and have a look through the results that appear.

Typing in a broad keyword like the word "calendar" "planner" "instagram template" allows these third party tools to come back to you with a lot of different suggestions. 

This allows you to scan the keywords and find upcoming trends or keywords you would never have thought about using but are perfect for your product. 

Step 2: Find long tail keywords that have a high search volume but low competition so that you can increase your chances of appearing on page 1 of Etsy. A long tail keyword is a keyword that is made up of 3+ words. "Pink Digital 2024 Planner" is an example of a long tail keyword. 

These keywords have less competition, which means if you can rank for these keywords you are much more likely to make a sale. 

Step 3: Find 3 keywords which match the type of product you are selling and are related to each other and use those keywords in your product title, product description and products tags. 

Related keywords are important as they allow you to appear in more then one place on Etsy. For instance keywords that could relate to the word calendar could be "planner" "organizer" "diary". 

A person looking for a calendar is looking to get organised in their life, maybe plan out the next few weeks or months. 

Therefor the words planner, diary or organizer also match that buyers intent. To stay organised in their life. 

By using keywords which relate to your main keyword you increase your chances of your product being found on Etsy. 

What happens if I do not use keywords on my Etsy listings?

It is likely that this will remain unfound on Etsy by people who are searching for the same type of products that you are selling.

There are a high number of sellers on Etsy, so if you are not optimising your listings for SEO then it is likely that your listings are not going to make it onto page one and you are going to lose sales to your competitors.


What is the best SEO selling tool?

My personal recommendation for an Etsy SEO third-party tool is eRank. eRank only costs $5.99 a month and gives you a ton of information about what people are searching for on Etsy. 

Other people enjoy Marmalead & Everbee


How can I learn more about Etsy SEO?

If you find out more about my processes in finding keywords that have a high search volume but low competition, which allows me to sell my products on Etsy daily then check out my Etsy SEO e-book which goes through my proven techniques and strategies to find keywords to get my all my products onto page 1 of Etsy. 


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